“You can send a photo or video from your counter through this program.”


Line has talking on the phone, offers the possibility of sending photos or videos to share. As you can talk about a lot of space in your familiar communicate using this application. Line has possible to make conversation trough with your phone number. Phone calls made ​​by this application is very high quality. Best practices between applications you can make calls using the internet networks.

Correspondence with this application also has the option of speaking and quite simple to implement it. 100 people at the same time you have the opportunity to speak with. These features allow the application to pass in front of other applications. There is also a version of the chat for you both for your phone and computer. Moreover, you also do not worry about losing messages you wrote. All of these can be recorded in accordance with your request.

The reason of more preferred than other embodiments of this application is easy to use. Find everything you want in a single application. Who would have thought ? You can upgrade the quality of your search for a fee. Also possible as a result of short films can also send new updates. In addition to this, you can use the smiley sticker and features. You can free download from the application on Apple Store.